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[ Watching and reflecting on movies and television series in quarantine ]

The coronavirus is a reality that quickly entered the daily life of our cities, our universities, our offices, our families.  Those of us who have been working on issues of human rights and narrative ethics consider that compulsory isolation has its troubles – and, also, its surprises. One of them is the opportunity to recreate the cinema, that is, to see the classics and new productions with new eyes. To do this, we draw on resources from different academic journals on film, university and graduate spaces, and the structure of the UBA Online Congress on Ethics and Cinema. Our aim is to offer an anthology of freely accessible films, a selection of which includes commentaries by prestigious contemporary thinkers. The project brings together a film and a text with a director and a critic in an experience that allows us to respond to the pandemic through art. The initiative is coordinated by scholars who work on ethical clinical strategies through narrative, under the initial coordination of UBA-UNC-CONICET (Argentina) and under the auspices of The International Network of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics.

[ Watching and reflecting on movies and television series in quarantine ]
Bioethics and Film in the context of a Pandemic:
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